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Policies & Procedures

Usage of the MustMail application requires adherence to Cal Poly Mass Mail policies and procedures and Cal Poly's Responsible Use Policy which can be found at .  The Policy applies to any user of the University's information technology resources, whether initiated from a computer located on or off-campus.

Procedures For Sending Broadcast Messages

A broadcast message is defined as an email being sent to one or more campus wide email distribution lists maintained by Information Technology Services. Such lists contain the email addresses of every member of a campus wide constituent group, e.g., all students, faculty, staff, auxiliaries, etc.  A large mailing to a subset of one or more of these constituent groups, e.g., individuals in a specific college or department, users of a particular campus service, etc., should follow the procedure for large mailings.  Bypassing this process by sending multiple copies of the same message to different subsets of a constituent group is not permitted if the intent and result is the same as sending a broadcast message.

Campus policy states that broadcast messages to all faculty, staff, and/or students must use an approved broadcast method, originate from a departmental or unit account, and meet the following criteria:

  1. Other means of communication are not timely and the nature of the information was such that timely announcement via other methods could not be accommodated.
  2. An appropriate target audience can be determined.
  3. The message could be of significant benefit to all of the targeted audience.
  4. The mailing complies with applicable university policies on use of State resources.
  5. The mailing prevents significant inconvenience that the lack of the information would cause to the targeted audience.
  6. The mailing is approved by the president, provost or appropriate vice president.
  7. The mailing is approved by the ITS Chief Information Officer or designee.



Faculty (State)

Provost/Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs

Staff (State)

Vice President for Administration and Finance

Other Employee Groups (CPC, ASI, Emeriti)

Vice President for Administration and Finance


Vice President for Student Affairs

Any combination of the above

President or Provost/Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs

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